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In a society where it’s now a normal part of the day, it’s important to have a healthy sleep schedule.

A study conducted by the University of Oxford found that people who slept eight hours a night, whether they were young, old or middle-aged, were healthier than those who slept four or five hours.

The research found that it was the time people spent getting up that mattered.

It found that the early hours of the morning, when we are most likely to be awake, were associated with an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

So how do you manage to stay awake?

We need to sleep on average eight hours more than the average person does, Dr Hildreth said.

We’re just not as active.

That’s because we’re more likely to wake up early, she said.

So what you need to do is wake up as early as possible and get to bed as early in the morning as possible.

You need to have that rhythm of wakefulness, Dr Hollingworth said.

The first thing you need is a bed, and a bedding that’s very comfortable and makes it easier to get to sleep.

“You want to make sure you’ve got your mattress and sheets together, so you can get the right amount of air,” she said, and that you’ve taken a good night’s rest, too.

Then, she suggested, you need a mattress that has a cushion on the underside, or at least a little padding around it.

And then you need bedsheets, or sheets that don’t cling too tightly to your body.

You don’t want to have any wrinkles, and if you’ve been to the doctor, you’ll need to be careful about wearing a loose shirt or loose-fitting pants.

The last thing you want is to have someone else lying down on your back, Dr Hoellworth said, or else you may get the very bad cold that is common among older people.

This means you need sheets that are firm and firm, and sheets that fit your body as closely as possible, she advised.

“Make sure you put them on very snugly and get a good firm mattress, and have the mattress and sheet laid out on a flat surface,” she advised, “so you can sleep on that.”