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New Year’s Eve lights are coming into their own as Australian brands begin to invest in the industry.

Key points:The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it will launch a new advertising policy to better protect consumers from the risk of unfair competitionThe National Lampoon has announced a partnership with a local restaurant chain to market its iconic neon lightsThe government has made it easier for people to opt out of the advertising ruleThe Federal Government says it is looking at creating a national standard for outdoor neon lights, which could see businesses including neon bars, light bar chains, and neon entertainment venues offer more flexible neon lights.

Key Points:The ACCC says it has launched a new campaign against unfair competition in the outdoor lighting industryThe National Light is set to unveil a new partnership with the Australian Restaurant and Lodging Association to offer more flexibility for customers to opt-out of the new advertising rulesThe Federal government has announced it is considering creating a new national standard, which would see businesses offering more flexible outdoor neon lighting.

“The new rules that we are looking at are one of the best we’ve ever seen,” Minister for Consumer Affairs Richard Wynne said.

“It’s really going to be about ensuring that consumers have a level playing field when it comes to the use of lights.”

Mr Wynne said it would also give the ACCC a way to take action against people who have not complied with advertising rules.

“This new policy will make it easier to enforce the rules,” he said.

The Australian Restaurant Association said it welcomed the announcement.

“We welcome the ACCCC’s move to put the advertising rules on a national footing,” it said.ACCC chief executive officer Paul Tromp said it was about ensuring consumers were protected from unfair competition.

“When it comes down to consumer protection, the consumer is the best judge of whether the product is safe,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“That’s why it’s critical that the industry has robust and consistent consumer protection policies in place to ensure the safety of customers and staff.”

The ACCCC said it planned to launch a national advertising policy in the next few weeks to better ensure that consumers had a level-playing field when choosing to use outdoor lights.

“Our advertising policy is meant to provide consumers with a choice about the advertising they are exposed to,” Mr Wynne said, adding that he would not be commenting further on the specifics of the policy.

“But the important thing to remember is that it will not give anyone a free pass on any of the rules that the government has put in place.”

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