When does the new ESSO/Eterna Milan contract end? October 8, 2021 October 8, 2021 admin

The new agreement between ESSONA Milan and Italian club Eterna are expected to end in the summer.

Eternas president, Roberto De La Torre, has confirmed that the deal is in place, but that the end of the agreement is not yet set.

According to La Todo newspaper, the agreement was agreed on on Wednesday morning, with the first payment due to be made in October. 

The new deal has been in place for a period of 18 months, meaning that the player has not started a contract with ESSOL since January. 

However, the signing of a new contract is still expected in the coming weeks, after the players representative and representatives have met with representatives of the club and agreed on the details. 

As for Milan, the club has not made any comment on the signing.