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It was a pretty crazy year for the neon lights that were popping up everywhere.

But in the meantime, the company behind them, Newell Brands, has been busy making more neon lights and adding more lights to their range.

Here’s a look at what you need to know for the new and exciting year.

What’s New?

What’s the Newell Brand neon light?

Newell Brands has made a lot of changes to its neon lights in 2018.

Here’s what we know so far:• The new lights come in a range of colors, and the company says they’re more vibrant and more colorful than previous versions.• Newell now offers an “extra bright” option for older models, which means it’s more than 10 percent brighter than the regular version.• The light comes in a variety of styles, including a wide range of sizes.• Each light can last up to a year on a single light bulb.• There’s a “multi-colored” option, which lets you choose between two colors of the same light.• You can buy them in a wide array of sizes, and each size comes with a different color.• All the lights can be ordered online.• They’re now selling on Amazon and Best Buy.

The company also says it has added a new design to its range, which looks like a pair of glasses with an image of the neon light bulb on them.

The new design includes a large “X” on top of the lens that can be used to show which of the lights you have.

The Newell brand neon lights are currently sold in two styles: a wide-range version that’s about 10 percent more bright than its previous model, and a multi-color version that looks like glasses with a picture of the light bulb in the middle.

If you don’t want to buy the more expensive versions, you can also order the cheaper versions.

Newell is also offering a more advanced option called a “bright” neon light, which is designed to be used with a wide variety of LEDs.

That means that, in addition to being a little brighter than a regular neon, the brighter version will give you longer life and longer-lasting lights.

Newells “bright neon” is now available in a number of colors.

Newel has added more LEDs to its bright neon lights to make them more durable, which makes them ideal for applications where a brighter neon would not work well.

In 2018, Newel added more than 1,000 different color options, including an “extended spectrum” option that gives the light a “more intense and bright color” than the standard neon.

Newell also introduced a “narrow range” neon, which allows you to choose between five colors, but is “too dark for some applications.”

Newell says it’s also making the LED lighting brighter by increasing the brightness of the LEDs themselves, from 10 percent to about 20 percent.

It’s also increasing the number of “bright mode” options that let you turn the lights on or off at the click of a button.

Newers include a new version of the “light bulb,” which allows the LEDs to be turned on or turned off remotely.

This feature lets you turn them on and off while the light is in your home, office, or other location, as well as when the lights are out of your home or at the workplace.

Newer versions also allow you to customize which light bulbs to use with different brightness settings, so you can have a more personalized lighting experience.

Newer neon lights come with a variety more options, too, such as “soft mode” lights that are more likely to be set on a dimmer setting.

Newel also makes “low-frequency mode” and “high-frequency” neon lights, which are brighter than regular neon lights.

The brand says that it’s making a few changes to the way the lights work.

“For the first time ever, we’re changing the way that the light bulbs work,” Newell said in a statement.

“We’re also making it easier for you to select which type of light you want to see.”

Newells new bulbs also come in five different color combinations.

There’s an “infrared” variety that is brighter than any other neon light.

There are “white light” and a “warm white” variety.

The “warm neon” variety can also be used as a temporary light bulb for a couple of weeks.

Newlens neon lights also come with “low frequency mode” which makes the lights quieter and brighter.

The company says that these low frequency lights “have a high efficiency, and it has the potential to give your home more peace of mind during a dark time.”