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With the city of London set to become the world’s first to launch its first LED lights at night, there’s plenty of confusion about the actual cost of the technology.

The new lights will be installed on all the major London transport corridors, but a spokesman for the city’s transport regulator said the total cost of installation will be between £40 million and £50 million.

The spokesman said it was likely that the lights will go on the streets of the capital from March to November.

The spokesperson said that if the LEDs were to be installed at night the cost would be “at least double” that.

“In reality, the cost will be much lower than that, but at the moment there is no estimate yet,” he said.

London will install 100,000 lights across the capital at night.

The LED lights will start rolling out at the start of the month, with the city using a fleet of 1,500 light trucks, according to the spokesman.

The spokesman confirmed that the system will use the new, highly efficient LEDs.

“The new LED lights can be powered by solar energy, but they have to be connected to the grid,” he told the Financial Post.

“That means they will be on demand during the night when the lights are not in use.”

This means the lights should be able to stay on for the entire day.

“There will be a trial of the lights in the UK at night starting in February, with a final rollout planned for May.

The spokeswoman said the London lights would cost around £40,000 each, but that there were no firm estimates for how long they would last, or when they would be replaced.

The cost of running the new system will depend on the number of hours of the night and the level of demand, the spokesman said.”

There are some issues with the lighting systems which we are working on and are confident will be resolved before the lights go out,” the spokesperson said.

The cost of running the new system will depend on the number of hours of the night and the level of demand, the spokesman said.

There are two types of lights that will be used: the first will use a greenish LED, the second a whiteish LED.

This will be the first time a new type of lighting is being used in the capital.

An estimated 1.3 million people will be using the new light system.

There are around 700,000 public transport users, with thousands of buses, trams, cycle tracks, cycle paths and parking spaces being lit up during the day, as well as some other areas of London.

A spokesman for London’s transport authorities said the system would be powered from a renewable source.

He said the lights would be installed in the city during daylight hours, and that the city was working on an extension to the service to take advantage of the fact that many people would use public transport on the day.

However, the spokesperson did not say how much the lights cost to operate.

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