Neon lights will be a big hit in 2018 BBC Sport July 28, 2021 July 28, 2021 admin

LONDON – Neon lights, which light up in the style of neon art and dance, will be the theme of 2018, as the BBC unveils its “Neon” programming.

The BBC’s 2018 programming strategy is set to be unveiled in the run up to the New Year.

The initiative aims to bring people together with their BBC entertainment content and explore the best of British culture through new creative initiatives and innovative digital storytelling.

The BBC is already known for its original programming, with its acclaimed documentaries, music and films.

This year, BBC Radio 1 is the home of “Neo” and will present a live event with an artist and a presenter.

A number of new events will be added to the programme this year, including a documentary on the first female astronauts, an interactive show featuring artists, a book club and a dance party.

The programme will also be broadcast on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, Vodafone, Sky and BBC World.BBC London will host an event to launch the new theme in 2018, with a DJ and a DJ duo from a variety of UK artists, including The Cure, M83, The Who, The Killers, The Muppets and more.

The announcement will be made at a ceremony at BBC Radio London on January 18.

The programme will be broadcast in the UK on BBC Radio 4 from January 26 to February 1. 

The new theme, “Nean” will be presented in three different formats. 

In the first programme, a DJ will perform a song in a neon-lit room in the BBC’s Old Broadcasting House. 

Two days later, BBC One will air a live show featuring a DJ, a live performance and a performance of the theme song. 

A further episode will be released in January 2019, and in May 2019, a programme featuring a mix of music and dance will be shown. 

“Nean lights will change the way we see entertainment,” said BBC Head of Programming Nick Thorpe.

“With our new programme, we are introducing a new visual style and engaging storytelling with a focus on new ways of engaging audiences.

We are thrilled to launch Neon as our theme for 2018.”BBC News will present Neon events at different times each day from January 21. 

Neon will also feature on BBC1 on January 31 and February 2. 

BBC Radio 1 will present “Neunge”, a live programme, on February 9.