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This article was originally published on September 27, 2018.

You may not have been aware of it, but in 2015, the US government announced a new rule that would allow the government to sell electricity from solar panels to the grid as long as they use an energy source that is 100 percent green.

Today, solar panels are still only sold for utility-scale solar, and they can’t be sold for home use, which is the biggest reason why we’re still in the dark on how to use them.

But with new rules to allow homeowners to sell their panels as energy sources, it’s become possible to buy energy from solar to power your home.

If you’re interested in buying solar energy from a solar panel company, you’ll want to start by reading the following article, which explains how to get started.

What is a solar power plant?

A solar power facility is a structure that collects and processes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity.

In this example, we’re talking about a plant that is installed to capture energy from sunlight, convert it into power, and then deliver it back to the electricity grid.

If a solar plant doesn’t have a grid connection, it can be powered by solar panels on the property.

This is called a grid-connected solar facility.

It’s a solar PV solar plant.

A solar PV plant is similar to a solar farm, except that it collects solar energy and then converts it to electricity for use on the grid.

A grid- connected solar plant has a solar photovoltaic (PV) module on top of a rooftop solar array.

The PV module is a huge battery that has a battery backup.

If the power needs are high, the PV module can capture solar energy that could otherwise go into the grid and be converted into electricity for the grid, or it can use some of the energy to make the PV modules useable.

Solar PV power plants are not limited to solar panels.

You can also buy solar energy directly from solar power companies that produce energy for use in your home, or sell it as electricity for your home to be used in your business.

In some cases, solar power is used to make electricity for other things, like solar lamps, LED lights, and more.

Solar panels can also be used to produce electricity in the home, but you may need to purchase the power directly from a PV power company.

How do I buy solar panels from a utility?

There are a lot of different ways you can purchase solar energy.

For example, you can get solar energy through your utility company, which buys solar power from a local solar power company, or you can use a solar energy purchase program.

There are also solar power options that are only available to customers that are approved to purchase solar power.

You’ll also need to be connected to a network of electric utility companies that sell solar power to you.

These solar power providers include: SolarCity SolarCity, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCTY), a leading solar energy provider.

SolarCity offers a wide range of solar power products, including rooftop solar panels, residential solar panels and small residential solar systems.

SolarPower SolarPower Corporation, a leading provider of residential solar energy, has a broad portfolio of residential and commercial solar technologies.

SolarSolar SolarPower, Inc., a leading U.S. solar power producer.

SolarSun SolarSun, Incorporated is a leader in residential solar power systems, including residential and small commercial solar systems, and other solar energy technologies.