How to play the football at neon light – a new trend September 10, 2021 September 10, 2021 admin

It’s time for a new type of football.

As a new wave of players are joining the ranks of the elite of the sport, neon lights are set to make a comeback at the European Under-21 Championship, which kicks off on Tuesday.

The game is played using a 3D football-field format, with each team’s goal being scored by passing it to another team.

As the ball leaves the pitch, the player who scored the first goal will have a “ghost” in the goal and can use it to score another goal.

The ghost also helps the team keep their cool in the heat of the moment.

The tournament is expected to attract more than 20,000 fans, and will be broadcast on EuroSport TV from 14:00 CET, with highlights shown on the Eurosport channel.

The new game is set to give a different twist to the standard traditional Europa League format, in which every team plays four matches per round.

The goalposts have been changed to neon lights, which allows the players to use their own bodies to score the goals.

The team who scores the most points will be crowned the winners of the tournament.

The idea behind the new game, explained by the team that is calling it the “Nexus” and its official website, is to change the standard European game and make it more dynamic.

It also gives the players the chance to compete with their younger teammates in a way that is more competitive than a traditional game, such as a league game, according to the team.

It’s a way to make it harder for younger players to get to the top level, said coach Marco Di Marzo.

He said the game is an opportunity for the players “to show what they can do”.

“It’s also a way of encouraging players to learn the skills and the skills of their peers,” Di Marza told SportItalia.

“We want to help them improve their game and not to leave them out of the competition.”

The first team to reach the final of the first edition of the European competition will also receive a €50,000 prize, which will be distributed among the players.

The top two teams in each division will also win €100,000, while the third and fourth places will win €80,000 each.

The top three teams will also be invited to the Europa League, a group stage match, to be played in November.

The Europa League has always been a success in the tournament, where the teams who make it to the quarter-finals are crowned champions, while only the top four qualify for the last 16.