How to Get Neon Lights and Outdoors for Free on Craigslist July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 admin

A friend of mine, who owns a small business, decided to make some money by selling neon lights on Craigslist, which is not a legal medium for that kind of business.

We’ve all seen people selling their homes, cars, and possessions on Craigslist.

This is not the first time a person has done this.

I remember buying a bunch of lights for $10.

These were the most popular, so I did it.

I paid cash for the whole lot, and then I bought them at an auction and sold them.

I thought that was cool.

I did the same thing when I sold my car.

A few years ago, I bought a bunch more neon lights and sold it for $20 each.

You could sell your lights for cash, too, but they’d be more expensive.

That’s because they’re less valuable.

There’s a $10-per-month “cashback” program for Craigslist, where people can get $10 off a lot of items.

So, I could sell my lights for about $20.

But I’m not a business owner, so that’s not a good deal.

I was wondering if I could get some of the lights for free on Craigslist or eBay, or if anyone could give me some money for them.

As I’m typing this, I see a few offers on Craigslist from people looking to sell some of their lights for a few bucks.

The offer I’m seeing is for $300 in Neon Lights, but it’s not clear who might be offering this deal.

What are some of these offers from Craigslist sellers?

There are some people who seem to be interested in neon lights.

Some are offering $30 off a single item, for example.

And some are offering to buy 10 or 20 neon lights for just $10 each.

But the offer that I’m getting from Craigslist seller Tania is a little different.

She’s offering a $300 deal for 100 neon lights to get a $1,000 cashback.

For example, she would pay $30 and get a check of $300, but would also get the full $1 million in cashback after she got it back.

Tania has a lot to offer.

She owns a petting zoo, and she has a small landscaping business.

I contacted Tania and she was kind enough to give me a heads up that she’s selling her neon lights in exchange for a $150 cashback if you buy them for $30 or $50.

My questions:Why would someone want to sell their house, car, or possessions on eBay? 

Can they get away with it? 

What happens if I buy some of my own lights for that amount of money?

Are some sellers more trustworthy than others?