How to build your own neon light-growtopia (Part 1) May 27, 2021 May 27, 2021 admin

The growing of your own light-show, and especially your own Christmas tree, is not new to the world of Christmas.

However, the first and only time we’ve seen one of these creations is when it was built at the World Market of London in the 1930s. 

Now, there’s a growing demand for light-up Christmas trees all over the world. 

For example, in the United Kingdom, people have been creating their own festive light-shows for decades. 

The original neon light tree was created by William S. Purdy in 1884 in the UK’s City of Edinburgh.

The tree is believed to have been inspired by the original Christmas tree at the Market Place in London, but with a much brighter, more colourful bulb. 

Purdy made his light-shade, the neon, using a combination of copper and tin, but he added gold and silver, to make it look like a glowing, glowing tree. 

As the story goes, Purdy thought that a light-glow tree was just what the world needed. 

However, he was soon inspired by an advertisement in the London Daily Times for a ‘light-show’. 

A light- show in a candlelight atmosphere would be better than a full-blown fire, according to the ad. 

So, he created his own neon tree, with the idea that the neon would illuminate the candles. 

After Purdy was fired by the British government, he began to use a lighter and a wooden candle to create the Christmas tree.

He then used a few other materials such as tin and copper, to create his neon light. 

To create his light, he coated a sheet of copper foil with a small amount of tin, then painted it gold and tinned it. 

When he poured the tin in, he used a light bulb to illuminate the tin foil, which in turn lit the copper foil, producing a spark. 

A second light bulb was then attached to the back of the candle, and the copper light was projected from the candle through the foil. 

It was then lit with a second lightbulb, to generate a third light.

This created a ‘third’ neon tree.