‘A little like a new home’: Where to get the neon lights you need for your home neon lights August 5, 2021 August 5, 2021 admin

You may have seen neon lights in the mall.

But now they’re making their way into the homes of millions.

In fact, according to the city of Toronto, neon lighting is now a household product, with a number of new projects in the works.

“We are seeing that the market is very, very vibrant and we are seeing an increase in the demand for these types of lighting,” said Linda Lehner, spokesperson for the city’s Department of Urban Planning.

“And we’re really excited to be able to help them with the supply.”

While the number of projects has increased dramatically in the last few years, the city has yet to have a neon light plant, let alone one that could generate the kind of energy required for a home.

“Our goal is to grow our capacity to support more lighting and we’re in a really good position to be in a position to do that,” said Lehner.

“So we are really looking forward to this opportunity and we hope that it comes to fruition.”

To learn more about the lighting industry, watch the video below from Global TV.